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From the need to be present on the Eastern European market, FMB group took the decision to open a new production facility located in Romania. After evaluating and calculating all favorable factors:

- The geographical area;

- The level of economic development;

- Skilled labor;

was decided that the new production company to be located in Mioveni. In 2005 he obtained approval to start construction, and a year later, on 2006, started production.

The activity of the company is divided into two departments:

1. Department of plastic injection

This department is specialized in plastic injection of technical parts for the following areas:

• Automotive parts

• Plastic parts used in sports equipment

• Plastic parts made by over molding technology

• Plastic parts made in two step molds

• Plastic parts used in automotive containers

Injection facilities department consists of 9 injection machines with a clamping force of between 50 and 480 tf.

2. Mold design and production department

Facilities department consists of:

• 2 milling machines( Huron MU 6 )

• 1 CNC center in 5 axis Ferrari A16

• 1 CNC center center 3-axis Ferrari S 82

• 1 erosion machine Charmilles Roboform 400

• 1 wire cutting machine Charmilles Robofil 400

• 2 grinding machines

• 1 lathe

• 3D measuring device ( Mitutoyo B706 )